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Info and services

  • The Paestum and Velia Archaeological Park includes the Museum and the archaeological area of Paestum, the archaeological area of the mouth of Sele River and the archaeological area of Velia.
  • The Park is open every day – except 25th December and 1st January – from 09:00 to 19:30 (last admission 18:45).
  • The Paestum Museum and the Archaeological Area of Velia are closed on Monday.
  • The Archaeological Area of Paestum, after sunset, can only be visited along the lit pathway – Southern sanctuary (the area of the Temple of Neptune and the so-called Basilica).



  • Children under the age of 12 can enter only if accompanied by an adult.
  • For security reasons, the entrance to the Park is regulated as follows:

– n° 170 visitors every 90 minutes in the archaeological area of Paestum;
– n° 30 visitors every 30 minutes in the Paestum Museum;
– n° 120 visitors every 90 minutes in the archaeological area of Velia.


  • To wear flat shoes;
  • Read here what to do



  • smoking (the ban is also extended to electronic cigarettes)
  • consume food and / or drinks
  • to enter wearing swimming suits
  • to enter in a bathing suit or with clothing in conflict with the decorum of the places
  • to have a noisy behaviour, talk on the phone into the Museum (Please remove the ringtones on mobile phones) and avoid in any way disturbing other visitors
  • follow paths not recommended
  • remove archaeological material
  • enter the work sites by climbing over the barriers and/or delimited areas
  • climbing walls and monuments
  • touch the exposed objects and cross the protective barriers, lean against the showcases, bases and other elements of the set-up
  • use loudspeakers (for explanations, guided tours and for any other reason)

Fruition, reception and supervision assistants are authorized to invite the transgressors to leave the Museum and / or the Archaeological Area.


  • For free entrance: it is necessary to present at the ticket office the list of students and accompanying teachers on the Institute’s letterhead.
  • Guided tours:  Reservations are required and are subject to the payment (“guided tours” booking procedure at the bottom of this page). The service is managed by the concessionaire.
  • It is not necessary to book for the entrance if you don’t need a guided tour


  • Visitors with disabilities and the accompanying person are entitled to free entry.
  • The museum is fully accessible, as well as the route between the museum and the archaeological area.
  • In the archaeology area, due to the health emergency COVID-19, the accessible route has been reduced and it is impossible to visit inside the Basilica temple. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Consult the route plan.


  • It is possible to take amateur photos
  • It is forbidden to use the flash
  • It is forbidden to fly drones, unless authorised by management beforehand. Unauthorised use may be punished by law (more)
  • For professional photo shoots and/or for commercial purposes (for example: to advertise a product, for weddings, for television broadcasts, film sets, etc.) it is necessary to request authorisation from the management beforehand and pay the concession fee.

To request authorisation and for information write to:


  • Archaeological Area: entrance allowed to all animals with a leash and muzzle; prohibition on approaching to temples and monuments.
  • Museum: entrance exclusively allowed to small size animals, held in arm or in kennell.
  • Obligation to collect dog’s waste.
  • Guide dogs can always accompany visually impaired visitors to the Museum and Archeological Area.

Attention: stray dogs are present in the area


  • It is possible to purchase the entrance ticket at the ticket office of the Main Gate – near the Temple of Neptune.
  • The ticket is valid for 3 days and allows one access to the Museum and Archaeological area of Paestum and one access to the Archaeological area of Velia.
  • The ticket must be kept by each visitor until the end of the visit as the staff is authorized to request its exhibition throughout the tour.
  • In order to take advantage of reductions and free admission, before issuing the ticket it is essential to show the document proving the right.
  • Read here all the advantages.


It is forbidden to introduce luggage, backpacks and bulky bags that must be deposited in the wardrobe at the Main Door – near the Temple of Neptune.

Read the rules

The service is suspended due to the COVID-19 emergency.


The Paestum and Velia Archaeological Park does not offer an internal guided tour service.
To book a guided visit you can contact Consorzio Arte’m – Concessionary of the Paestum and Velia Archaeological Park, at: tel. 081 2395653 / 081 2395666.
It is also possible to contact the authorised tourist guides of the Campania Region. For info:
The audio guide is only available for the Archaeological Area: it is restricted to individual visitors, and cannot be used by school groups and by children younger than 5.