The park of the children. The theme playground of the Archaeological Area of Paestum

26 MayMay 2020 09:00

Parco dei piccoli a Paestum


In the archaeological area of ​​Paestum is born an archaeological theme playground with a look at the environment and sustainability.
The set-up is included in the visit of the archaeological site and is equipped with explanatory panels and benches where parents can relax themselves in front of ancient monuments, while keeping an eye on their children who, playing, discover some aspects of ancient history and archaeology.
The entrance to the Park of the children is free from 09:00 to 19:30 (last entry 18:45).
The "Park of the Children", located on the east side of the two great temples "Basilica" and "Neptune", consists of 10 structures which reproduce some of the most famous games of logic and strategy of antiquity, but also some construction machines used for the construction of the three Doric temples of Paestum.

  1. Archimedes' screw or the screw pump: machine used to lift water and other granular materials such as sand and cereals. This device is also known as Archimedes' screw from the name of its famous Greek inventor born in Sicily about 2300 years ago.
  2. "The Rape of Latona" puzzle: a puzzle with pieces of travertine that reproduces the original image of the Rape of Latona as carved on the temple of Hera at the mouth of the Sele river.
  3. Simplified Stomachion: mathematical game invented by Archimedes, one of the greatest Greek mathematicians and scientists of the history. It is a puzzle of 7 figures - irregular triangles and quadrilaterals - that put together form a regular geometric figure.
  4. Boards or chessboard: board game, ancestor of the chessboard, where two players simulated a battle on a chess field with 30 pieces of two different colors, 15 for each player.
  5. Swing: one of the games most loved by children, but also by adults, with mythical origins. It is a pleasant amusement that no one can resist for the sense of freedom that produce in those who swing.
  6. Flywheel drill: ancient device capable of drilling even the hardest surfaces such as the stone of the temples of Paestum.
  7. Barbell: a tool used to lift and move large weights like the stone blocks with which the temples of Paestum were built.
  8. Pulleys, wheels and hoists: a rotating disc around its own axis with a rope used to move and lift heavy weights.
  9. Crane: machine used for moving the large stone blocks of the Doric temples of Paestum.
  10. Barbiton: a stringed musical instrument similar to the lyre, but larger, slender and with seven long strings. It consisted of a tortoise shell that served as a soundboard and two thin wooden arms to which seven well-stretched strings were tied.

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